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    How do I create a view?

    Views are created in the Create View page. The View Maker page is simply a form containing list boxes for key attributes that describe a HIN entity: name, city, zip code, state or province, country and class of trade. You enter or select values for these attributes to construct the query that generates the view. Some attributes, such as name, city and zip code, are represented as text boxes. You can enter any valid string of characters into a text box. The remaining attributes are selected from lists. For state/province, country and class of trade, click on the Add/Remove link to the right of the text box to select one or more valid entries from a list that is displayed in a popup window. Click on the right-arrow button to transfer highlighted items to the selected list and the left arrow button to remove an item from the list. You do not have to fill out the entire form to run a query. An empty text box means that you want all of a particular attribute. Click on the Search button at the bottom of the page to view the results or your query.